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Seebeck vacuum is the manufacturers and the suppliers of the Vacuum furnace, Atmospheric furnaces, Industrial ovens, Thermocouples, Thermo-vacuum chambers. We are the one stop solution for all kind of machineries, spare parts and service support with respect to the vacuum and thermal industry.

  • Our Mission

    To deliver the Products & Services with the best quality, committed lead time, and competitiveness. The main motto is to make sure our customer gets user-friendly systems & ROI.

  • Our Vision

    To create an ECO SYSTEM in vacuum and thermal industry. With the commitment of customer delight and to contribute world to create an eco-friendly equipements.


25 Years Experience

What We Do

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Vaccum Furnace

we design and manufacture vacuum furnaces as per the requirement of the customer. We build Graphite hot zone and all metal hot zone type furnaces

Atmospheric Furnaces

With the efficient and proven design technology and manufacturing standards, we provide end to end solutions for the atmospheric furnaces requirement.

Industrial Ovens

With the accurate heating process and temperature controlling system. We offer the best features and the Reliable technological Ovens, as per the requirement of the customer.

Vacuum Pumping System

we design and manufacture the vacuum system with the controlling system and the total assemblies like fittings, bellows and the stand.


As per the standard of ASTM we manufacture, Calibrate and supply the thermocouples. With the complete range or types of the Thermocouples are supplied to our customers. We also provide the NABL calibration support for our customers.

Industrial Autoclaves

From residential cleaning to commercial & specialized services, we cater unique.

Thermo-Vac Chambers & Pressure Vessel

With respect to the Aerospace industrial requirement, we offer the Thermal – vacuum chambers based on the requirement of the customer.

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Seebeck Vacuum

Horizontal High Temperature Vacuum Furnace

New type highly integrated furnace body design, double-layer stainless steel water-cooled furnace shell, improve the service life of the equipment, the surface temperature of the furnace .

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Over 25 years of experienced expertise in Vacuum Technology

We build Graphite hot zone and all metal hot zone type furnaces based on the end application with the fast cooling capabilities, advanced control systems and easy operational working style. Vacuum measurement instruments manufacture and supply is our other main vertical, where in we manufacture digital display Pirani vacuum gauges with measurement range from ATM to 10e-4 mbar with various configurations.

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